Commercial Landscaping: Planning Guide

Commercial Landscaping: Planning Guide

After you take your first steps in the commercial landscaping process, here are the next elements to consider.

After you take your first steps in the commercial landscaping process, here are the next elements to consider.

Landscaping the Entrance

After reviewing the architectural layout of your building, you will want to consider making the main entrance easy to find and inviting to visitors. We often recommend a combination of vibrant flowers, bright green grass, and lighting to make the entrance as welcoming as possible. Retaining walls, fountains, monuments, and hardscapes can also draw the eye towards the main entry. A focal point serves as an identifiable landmark, strengthens curb appeal, and generates a memorable first impression.

Garden Designs: Seasonal and Long-Term

Select plant materials that provide colors and textures that match the style of your commercial building. Seasonal plantings should also complement your geographic area and climate. Native plantings are great for Colorado’s winter season and bulb plantings blossom into gorgeous, vibrant colors in the spring. Take advantage of what the fall has to offer as well by planting trees or shrubs that change from green to yellow, to orange, and then red. Landtech makes garden design and landscaping installations that are colorful and interesting in all four seasons.

You will also want to consider how trees, shrubs, and other foliage will mature over the years. Plants and trees instantly transform your outdoor areas but can also outgrow the space. Eventually, the overgrowth can block entryways, take over signage, or be difficult to maintain if not enough space is accounted for during the initial landscape installation. Rely on your professional landscape construction company to determine which plantings make sense for you.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Think about how much time and effort you want to invest in the maintenance of your final landscape installation. You will want to consider the level of care your flowers and foliage will need throughout the year and winter months. By planning ahead, you can avoid unexpected costs and headaches. Landscape companies, like Landtech, can work with you to plan and budget for commercial maintenance services based on your overall preferences.

Sustainability and Cost Savings

Coloradans are especially conscientious of preserving the environment. There are several landscaping and irrigation options to reduce water consumption and save energy. Xeriscaping is very popular in the Greater Denver area. We also recommend planting native species that have a better chance of surviving sudden weather changes. Advancements in irrigation technology also help reduce excess water usage by evenly distributing water, leveraging smart technology to notify you of problems, and using less energy.

Landscaping Makeover

Delicate flowers and grass are expected to be replaced every year. But, the core structure of your commercial landscaping should last about 20 years before they start looking completely overgrown, old, and tired. After that, we recommend a landscape makeover to ensure your design and foliage is keeping up with the trends and aesthetic value of the times. Contact a professional landscaper if it’s time to update your commercial property’s landscaping. A professional landscaper will guide you from the planning stages all the way to the installation and completion of your commercial landscape project.

Full-Service Commercial Landscaping Company

Landtech has been certified in the landscaping and construction business for over two decades. Our long tenure in the industry makes us the leading choice for commercial, government, municipal, hospital, and school buildings. We serve multiple locations from Denver to Colorado Springs to Fort Collins and Loveland. Contact us to discuss your commercial landscape construction and commercial landscape design needs.