Human Psychology with an Office Park

Human Psychology with an Office Park

Sitting for eight or more hours a day can certainly make for a long work week unless you work in an office park that has been beautifully landscaped. Artfully designed exterior spaces can help rejuvenate tenants’ mind and spirits by offering an alternative place to go for lunch and at break time.

The effects interior and external environments have on people and their productivity has been studied extensively. Fresh air, green grass, and beautiful flowers have been proven to bring renewed energy, peace, and serenity to workers’ overloaded minds. Here we will reveal which landscape elements support more peaceful states of mind to increase happiness and productivity in the workplace.

Basic Principles of Design

Much like designing an indoor space, pay close attention to form, line, texture, movement, and color when landscaping an office park space. A term used in design is legibility which connotes the peace of mind derived from the coherence of the design. A strategic landscape design allows for a mind to collect thoughts which improves memory and boosts productivity.

Symmetry in a landscape design supports calmer thoughts. Symmetry is achieved through straight paths, trees aligned with sidewalks, and other landscape materials organized into rows. Curved lines such as curved edging create a softer, more informal look, and the ease of movement makes the mind release extemporaneous thought processes. Texture can be varied with the use of trees, grass, flowers, mulch, gravel, and rocks. The green, natural elements incorporated into a concrete area provide a variance in texture that the human brain recognizes as peaceful. The addition of vibrant colored flowers, hardscape elements, tables, or signage adds visual interest and provides dimension which energizes the mind.

Welcoming Seating Areas

The spatial configuration of an area has a huge effect on cognitive processes. Crowding tables and benches together will actually cause stress and burden on the human mind. Seating and other hardscape features should be spaced out in a way that people find relief being among them. Make sure seating is placed for functionality and availability. Allow for easy access to seating areas, free from debris, and some distance to the nearest trash receptacle. Provide benches near water features and the comfort of shade from a tree. Add round tables to an outdoor space to suggest inclusiveness which will be felt even when someone is on their own.

Lighting Enhancements

Natural light is proven to energize the mind. Find a balance between shade trees and open space, as you don’t want too much tree coverage that blocks out daylight. For those tenants arriving early or staying late, it is imperative to have proper lighting that creates a safe and secure environment. Avoid creating dark spots that will make tenants feel unprotected and use natural lighting to highlight features of your landscape design.

Don’t Forget the Upkeep

Once designed, do not skip out on the maintenance of the aesthetically-designed space. Regular mowing, trimming, and repairs will keep the area in tip-top shape. Maintenance will also keep the tenants eager to make use of the outdoor space.

Understanding the psychology behind landscape design will have your tenants boasting about the office’s outdoor appeal. They will return to the spot that gives them moments of needed tranquility during their busy work day. Visually appealing and functional office parks can secure an inviting environment for its tenants and employees.

Do you need to make your office park more appealing to tenants? Landtech Contractors are experts in creating landscape designs that are both functional and psychologically uplifting. We can redesign your office campus or professionally maintain your current design to maximize your property’s appeal. Contact us today to discuss your office park’s landscape needs.