Importance of Leaf Removal

Importance of Leaf Removal

Fall is officially here and the many breathtaking colors of autumn have arrived. Eventually, those beautiful leaves will begin to fall creating a playground for passing children and pets.

Now is the time to start planning for the removal of leaves from your commercial property. Leaf removal is an important part of maintaining healthy landscape and to ensure the property looks its best come next spring.

Lack of Nutrients

Excessive leaves can smother the grass and beds from receiving the adequate amount of water, air and nutrients they need to thrive. Sunlight also needs to penetrate the ground without the barrier of the fallen leaves. During the fall season, plants and grasses absorb the sunlight to store as energy in its roots.

Fungi, Insects, Diseases Oh My!

Without proper leaf removal, the areas covered can be a breeding ground for fungi, insects, and disease. These issues can cause brown, dead patches in the grass and kill plants and bushes.

Irrigation and Drainage

Leaves and other debris also need to be removed from drains and other irrigated areas to allow for proper drainage for the upcoming winter snow. Also remember that wet leaves can become slippery and a hazard for the sidewalks and walking pathways.

Fall Maintenance

Fall is a great time to trim up the bushes and shrubs one last time before the winter snow. It’s an opportunity to clean up of twigs and debris from planting beds. Getting a head start now will make the spring and summer months that much more beautiful. Applying fall fertilizer can also promote healthy spring growth. The grass areas need to be mowed a final time and mowed at a shorter length than normal to prevent potential fungus problems during the winter snows.

Proper fall cleanup and leaf removal will pay off in the spring by producing healthy maintained areas. It’s time to schedule your commercial leaf removal and other fall cleanup services. For expert service, contact Landtech today.