Flowers create the eye-catching first impression that signals warmth and a friendly invitation to enter your property. Flower beds provide beautiful color and texture year round to make your property stand out. When you need a garden landscape with flower beds, Landtech is the best commercial landscape garden designer to rely on. Contact us to discuss your outdoor garden design needs.

Commercial Flower Maintenance

When you work with Landtech’s commercial garden designer you can be assured that we will provide you with a color package that fits your design aesthetic as well as your budget. As part of your color package we will fertilize, dead head, and weed the flower beds to give your grounds the fullest color.

Annuals and Perennials

We have an abundant supply of annuals and perennials to choose from that will meet your garden design needs and budget. We know which flowers will work best, given your property’s location, soil condition, irrigation system, and budget. From small to large Colorado landscapes, we have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and professional team to meet your commercial flower planting and landscaping needs.

Outdoor Garden Design

Flowers can provide the pop of color that makes your property more appealing and welcoming. Our flower/color team is detail-oriented, providing the best landscape maintenance for both ground and raised flower beds.

Garden Landscape

Whether you are creating gardens for seasonality, comfort, education, community, or borders, we can guide your flower and color selection. Our relationship with local growers allows us to provide hardy flowers and plants that can acclimate well to Colorado’s temperatures.

Drought- Resistant Gardening combines water efficiency with a higher yield on plant growth. Plants selection is based on location and soil composition.

Container Gardening

Cypress Ridge

We can select containers and flowers to compliment your building in an unlimited number of ways. For example entry ways, walkways, patios, pools, and common areas can all be brightened with beautiful container gardens. Container gardens offer quick pops of color that can make a sign or entrance standout.

Flower Garden Irrigation

Without proper irrigation equipment and maintenance, your flower investment could be compromised. As part of our flower and landscape garden maintenance, we also make sure that the proper irrigation is in place to keep the color flourishing year round.

Landtech can bring your commercial landscape the color it needs with flowers that will thrive. Call us to discuss your needs.