We can provide any type of landscape addition, correction, or renovation. Whether it's through hardscape or softscape construction, irrigation systems, landscape renovations, drainage improvements, garden design, patios and paver installations, there isn’t any enhancement we can’t accommodate.

Our dedicated staff specializes in landscape improvement and will keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and most sought after landscaping upgrades for your specific industry.

Rooftop Gardens

We are one of the few companies in Colorado who can design, install, and maintain a rooftop garden. We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to successfully create amazing rooftop spaces to meet your needs.

Site Amenities

If you upgrade your site amenities, your customers will want to keep coming back, again and again. From adding benches to trash cans to fire pits and barbecues, you can upgrade your property in an instant. We can design, install and maintain the site amenities that will make your property stand out. Our dedicated staff of landscape designers is knowledgeable about the newest trends and most popular upgrades that appeal to both you and your customers.

Garden Design

Gardens are a wonderful focal point that can make a non-usable space usable. Friendly and eye-catching, they can provide a sense of community. At Landtech, we have years of experience with adding industry-specific gardens, such as educational gardens, community gardens or simply just upgrading your existing flower beds with new pops of color. Whatever your gardening needs, we can design, install and maintain it.

Container Gardening

Cypress Ridge

Water Features

Water features offer a tranquil respite that transforms your property. From formal to decorative to natural water features, we can help you choose the right type of enhancement to fit your needs and your budget.

Retaining Walls

In addition to maintaining your existing retaining walls, we can create new walls out of natural or fabricated materials. These will prevent erosion as well as give your property personality.

Drainage Systems

Worried about flooding or water damage? We can repair or maintain your drainage systems to prevent water damage with new pipes, grading corrections, or both. With correct water draining techniques, you’ll avoid costly damages and maintain your property’s value.


Mulch can change the look of your entire property with defined lines, color and texture. We can replace or upgrade your existing mulch to revive your property. Using wood or rock products, we will revitalize your landscape within the constraints of your budget.

There isn't any landscape enhancement or improvement that we can't accommodate. Contact us today for our list of services.