We provide a whole host of commercial irrigation maintenance services, including installation, management, repairs, upgrades, start-ups and shut-downs, as well as weekly inspections. We realize that water management is crucial to your bottom line, so making sure that it is handled in the most efficient way that both meets the needs of the property, as well as your budget is our priority.

We employ irrigation maintenance technicians that are well-versed in the latest technologies, such as two wire systems, smart controllers, central controllers, precision nozzles and repair techniques. Our technicians will ensure that your irrigation systems are in excellent shape and will continue to keep your grass green for years to come.

Irrigation Systems

We put in complex irrigation systems that run flawlessly, but they are not seen by the casual observer. Our portfolio or irrigation system work is extensive and has been implemented at high-profile facilities, such as the Denver International Airport, the Denver Broncos Training Facility at Dove Valley and many others.

With so many eco-friendly products on the market, we can make recommendations for repairing or upgrading your current irrigation system to make it water efficient and cost effective. While an upgrade may initially be costly, you will recoup these costs in your water savings year after year. Many cities offer rebates for these upgrades. Ask us for information on the latest water saving programs. We can assist you in maximizing these benefits.

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Here are examples of irrigation systems that we can install on your property and maintain for you for maximum water efficiency:

  • Sub-Surface Irrigation: Sub-surface irrigation systems, like Netafim, minimize water evaporation and eliminate the need for sprinkler head and nozzle repairs. This is an ideal system for heavily trafficked areas, densely planted beds, or small courtyards where the water spray needs to be minimized. The system implements drainage improvements by flooding plants with just the right amount of water that gets directly to the roots more quickly. This approach promotes root growth and organically discourages weeds. Fertilizer can also be directly injected into these systems, which keeps the plant color and growth more consistent. Sub-surface drainage systems are also ideal for times of water restriction because there is very little water waste.
  • Drip Irrigation: Often used in community gardens, these systems are perfect for the various water needs of particular types of plant. We maintain drip irrigation systems that are used in containers and flower beds. We visually inspect the plants to make sure the drip emitters are functioning properly and service them based on the visual condition of the plant.

Irrigation Upgrades

For older properties, we can update your irrigation system with more water-efficient nozzles, and point source irrigation. That way you can keep your landscape, turf, and flower beds looking as good as they did when they were installed.

Proper Irrigation Management

Meticulous irrigation maintenance services are crucial to a healthy landscape. If your irrigation system is not properly maintained, you will waste water, your plants will not survive, and your property will look unsightly. Our irrigation technicians can analyze your property on a regular basis, pinpoint any irrigation inefficiencies, and mitigate these costly issues.

Here are a few irrigation maintenance techniques that we regularly employ at LandTech to keep your system running smoothly:

    • Irrigation Start-Ups: Without a proper start-up, you will lose money both in water and plant material as your landscape will deteriorate from improper watering. In the spring we can charge your entire irrigation system, turning the water on to setting the controllers, testing the systems, setting water schedules and making recommendations.
    • Irrigation Shut-Downs: Winterizing your irrigation system is important. It will prevent damage to your irrigation system. Prevent damage now and save valuable time and money in the long-run. Our shut-down services include using compressed air to blow out your system, wrapping backflows, and turning off your controllers to prevent winter freeze damage.
    • Backflow Testing: We employ certified backflow testing technicians who can provide a written inspection to meet city requirements. In the event that you have a faulty backflow, we can repair or replace it and bring it up to the city standards.

24/7 Emergency Service

We have emergency technicians on call that provide 24 hour a day, 7 days a week service in case of irrigation emergencies, such as broken main line, stuck valves, and flooding. Our irrigation vehicles are stocked with irrigation parts and supplies to address any repair needed in a timely way. You can call us anytime at 303-344-4465 for immediate assistance.