When it comes to your turf maintenance, we have the property maintenance solutions you need to to keep your turf and grounds exquisitely manicured.

Our certified landscape technicians service many types of turf:

  • Bluegrass
  • Fescue
  • Sports Turf
  • Buffalo Grass
  • Blue Grama Grass
  • And more!

Our certified landscape technicians can also assess the needs of your turf and make landscape and lawn care service recommendations based on the needs of your property. They can help you manage your property maintenance from the right fertilization to proper pest control.

Turf Trimming & Edging

Our best trimming and edging techniques provide the clean edges that will make your walkways sharp and define your tree and shrub areas. We always take special care to trim carefully so that existing plants are not disturbed.

Mow Height

Our property maintenance services are inclusive of proper mowing techniques. Grass needs to be cut at a certain height in order to avoid stresses such as, over watering, drought conditions, disease, and fungus. We understand the needs of each type of turf to maintain consistency and growth and mow each type to the correct height for maximum health.


We maintain proper fertilization on your property to encourage growth, which will keep your property consistently green and pristine throughout the growing season. We work with vendors and manufacturers to choose the right product for your site. Additionally, fertilization products and techniques are ever changing, so we stay up on the latest regulations and classes.

Environmentally Friendly Maintenance

When you choose Landtech to maintain the turf on your commercial property, you have the option to use environmentally friendly turf products. From organic fertilizers to natural mulches, we can provide eco-friendly maintenance services.

As a company, we also recycle and compost tree trimmings and plant material. Our modern fleet is more fuel efficient, creating less pollutants and emission as we work. When you work with Landtech Commercial Maintenance Services, you can feel good that you are lessening the impact you are making on the environment, while maintaining the beauty of your property.

Irrigation Maintenance Techniques

At Landtech, we help you maintain the irrigation system for your turf. When maintaining your turf, we make sure that your sprinkler heads, valves, and controllers are functioning properly to avoid over or under watering. We also manage the spray coverage for consistent soil moisture levels that will encourage proper root growth. Our irrigation technicians have many years of experience in the industry to ensure that you are provided with a high quality turf irrigation system.

Weed & Pest Control

Nothing is worse than having your turf interrupted by weeds and pests, such as mites voles. grubs, mole crickets, cut worms, cinch bugs, billibugs or fire and army ants. Turf diseases like brown blight, dollar spot, ascochyta, fairy ring, and yellow patch cause unsightly areas that need to be controlled before they take over. We can develop a treatment plan to address weeds, pests, and turf diseases so that your turf thrives through every season.

Aeration Services

Turf needs proper aeration to reduce soil compaction and stimulate root growth. We can provide aeration services to suit the needs of your property, based on our assessment of your site.

Native Area Mowing

You can be assured your native areas are properly maintained to specific municipals standards. We understand that every city and county has specific codes to adhere to and we stay up-to-date on all of them.

Our dedicated crews specialize in maintaining native areas to keep the natural look you require while inhibiting weed growth. They use mowers specially designed for these native areas that accommodate taller mow heights. We are very experienced in maintaining native sites and know exactly what to do for these delicate areas. Our efficiency and expertise will save you money.

To keep your turf in tip top shape, contact Landtech today.