You've designed, planted, and landscaped your property beautifully. However, seasonal changes will engage several issues for plant care and maintenance. At Landtech, we are experts in the landscape planting and maintenance industry. We use our years of experience and extensive fleet of equipment to ensure that your trees, shrubs, perennials, and ornamental grasses are maintained properly so that they can retain their form, visual appeal, and health all year long.

Tree Maintenance

Trees provide shade, control site lines, and anchor landscapes. With proper seasonal maintenance, they can define a property, act as a windshield, and provide seasonal color. Proper tree maintenance requires timed irrigation, pruning, fertilization, as well as pest and weed control.

  • Fall Tree Maintenance: In the fall, we will trim trees and clean up the leaves using leaf blowers and a specialty leaf vacuum so your property looks neat and well groomed.
  • Winter Tree Maintenance: In Colorado we have significant temperature drops in the winter and sun scorching that can harm trees. We winter water and tree wrap to protect your trees from the harsh winter months.
  • Spring Tree Maintenance: We will analyze your irrigation systems to make sure they are timed properly and in service for your trees’ best health.
  • During this time of year, we also provide deep-root fertilization and tree injections for pest control. Spring in Colorado can also bring on unpredictable weather conditions. We can trim or remove trees to avoid hazardous conditions or after weather damage. And we have the equipment to chip, mulch, and recycle our tree trimmings.
  • Summer Tree Maintenance: In the summer, we regularly inspect your trees to maximize their well-being and maintain proper limb heights and form.

Shrub Maintenance

Spring and Fall shrub pruning is important to maintain the plants’ shape, appearance, and overall health. Our teams are experienced to know the proper timing and technique of pruning and shearing for different varieties of plants and shrubbery. Correct pruning and deadheading will amplify growth so that you increase the yield and quality of your plants and shrubs.

Perennial Maintenance

Similar to the maintenance of shrubs, proper perennial plant care is vital for a healthy looking landscape. Pruning and deadheading of perennials will enhance your plant and property value and keep your site looking beautiful year round. We can also refresh the mulch around your perennials to help retain water around the plants which will increase the water efficiency of your property and save you money in the long-run.

Ornamental Grass Maintenance

In the low-color winter months, ornamental grasses can add texture and character to your beds. We can maintain your ornamental grasses to your specifications, cutting either in the Fall or the Spring.

For information on how to seasonally enhance your landscape through proper plant care, contact LandTech today.