Landtech is equipped to handle your commercial landscape design and commercial landscape construction needs for industrial, municipal and large-scale sites throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins and the entire Front Range. We invest in modern, heavy equipment to deliver cleaner, faster and more efficient results with no delays for equipment breakdowns. You can contact us for reliable, high-quality commercial landscaping, corporate landscaping, and municipal landscaping.

Soil Prep

Soil prep is a one of the most important steps to constructing a healthy landscape. Soil prep adds nutrients to the soil which when done properly, will help retain soil moisture, allowing plants to thrive and grow with significantly less water. Landscaping in Colorado is unique for its arid climate, extended snow season, and high elevation. Landtech can work with you to determine what type of soil prep is required based on your desired functionality and vegetation.

Our landscape hand select from the best nurseries.


Grading, another essential step to landscaping in Colorado, creates varying levels and textures to improve the aesthetics and provide adequate drainage. Improper grading can cause excess erosion or water to pool in one spot, attracting mosquitos and over watering plants and grass. Poor grading can also cause building foundation issues or liabilities like slip and falls. Our team will assess your project site to determine the proper grading.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are central to any basic landscaping in Colorado. Trees and shrubs are not only visually appealing focal points to beautify a property but they also create wind and sound buffers. Trees and shrubs provide a simple and easy way to create shapes, spaces and shade throughout your property. Landtech can help you select plant material conducive to climate and design.

Sod & Mulch

In addition to proper grading, sod also performs as erosion control. We use a variety of sod types depending on your landscaping needs, functionality requirements, and project site. Sports fields, for instance, may use a different sod type than a business courtyard. Areas with more shade and synthetic turf may also be taken into consideration when determining best-fit product.

Mulch is another multipurpose material. From a functional standpoint, mulch retains moisture and nutrients for plants, suppresses weed growth and provides temperature regulation for plant roots. Aesthetically speaking, installing mulch creates textures and colors that help enhance your landscape space. City landscaping in Colorado require a certain amount of trees, shrubs and permeable landscape for each building or use. Landtech can help determine the appropriate combination of sod and mulch that’s right for you.


We choose rocks for their size, textures and colors but they can also be used as erosion control, mow bands, weed control, traffic control, create unique spaces and focal points. Similar to mulch, rocks provide temperature control and stabilize moisture levels. For arid climates like Colorado, rocks retain moisture levels really well and reduce water consumption. Boulders also make attractive and functional retaining walls.


Hardscaping is a resourceful way to create walls, walkways, patios and entry plazas. We can use concrete and clay and sandstone pavers. The possibilities of hardscapes are endless. Hardscapes can announce their presence and welcome people to your property entry with monuments and signage. Hardscapes are an especially great way to increase property value.

The Landtech team will assess any multi-climate factors, like whether a particular area is north or south facing, and help pick out site furnishings like planter pots, picnic tables, benches, grills, trash cans, gazebos, fire pits and fencing to enhance yourproperty. Commercial landscape water features like ponds, waterfalls and fountains are long-lasting hardscapes that we provide as well. With so much to consider, we will assess all possibilities to commercial hardscaping, landscape water features and LEED requirements as necessary.

Full-Service Landscaping

Our experienced team have been certified and licensed with us for 25 years or more. Our Foremen and Supervisors have a long tenure of ensuring quality, safety, and on-time delivery. We have multiple locations from Denver to Colorado Springs to Fort Collins and Loveland. Call or send us an email to discuss your commercial landscape construction and commercial landscape design needs. You may also submit your RFP here.