City of Aurora Public Safety Training Center

City of Aurora Public Safety Training Center


City of Aurora Public Safety Training Center


26000 Quincy Avenue, Aurora

General Contractor:

Adolfson & Peterson


April 2016 – June 2016

City Landscaping Project

The scope of work for the City of Aurora’s Public Safety Training Center included landscaping in the parking lot and around the buildings to make the area look more inviting and vital. The area also needed 10.5 acres seeded with native grasses.

Landscape Project Supplies

This was a sizable job that required three different seed mixes for wetland, high alkaline soil, and dryland grass areas and a long list of supplies which included:

    • 560,000 sq. feet of seeding
    • 102 deciduous trees (which are trees whose leaves fall in winter)
    • 307 tons of 3/4” rose rock mineral mulch.
    • 13 yards of wood mulch
    • 143 Evergreen trees
    • 440 deciduous plants
    • 677 ornamental grasses ( 1 – 5 gallon containers)
    • 2,017feet of metal edger

Irrigation System

The project also included a subsurface irrigation system to water all plants and trees. We incorporated an MP rotator system into the system which is a stream spray rotor type of system that is very efficient in turf areas. This job also required Leemco ductal iron gasket fittings. It consisted of 3,500 linear feet of mainline and a two-wire Motorola controller.


With ten and a half acres on the property, not only was there a lot of ground to cover, there were three different seeding mixes to integrate into the job. We used an alkaline tolerant seed mix on Quincy Road, a dry land native mix on the perimeters of the training pad and buildings, and a wetland seed mix was at the bottom of detention ponds. Wetland seed mix is used to stabilize the soil. These mixes are made to grow in the wet soil, so the grass can sit in water and retain its structure.

Project Challenges:

Scheduling - The police, SWAT, and Aurora Fire Department use the facility to perform firefighter training, vehicle testing, and driver training, so we had to plan our landscaping schedule carefully. We coordinated our work with the general contractor (GC) and owner around the police and SWAT training schedule so that the officers were not distracted by our team and our employees were safely out of the way during the training.

Plant Availability - From 2007 to 2011 most nurseries cut back on Growing nursery stock so there is now a shortage of material. For example, because nurseries cut back on stock for five years there were limited quantities of, Maple, Lindens, and Locust trees. The limited quantities made it necessary to make substitutions on sizes and sometimes species.

To solve this dilemma, we sent the landscape architect a request for information (RFI) to see if we could switch species according to suggestions made by the nurseries. We obtained approval to swap out some of the plant species by coordinating the RFI with the GC, leasing agent, and project owners. This coordination was necessary as each tree was hand chosen by the owner representative who went out to the nursery and tagged each tree he wanted to be used instead of what was on the original plan prior to delivery to the job site.

Weather - Even though the project was slated for mid-spring to early summer, there was late winter storm which shut down the job for several days. The ground was frozen on the north side of the building, and we had to wait for the snow to melt. The city plows had also created giant mounds of snow in areas where we needed to work, so crews had to knock the snow mounds over to get them to melt faster to minimize delays.

Landtech’s Results

Despite the scheduling challenges, plant shortages, and weather delays, Landtech completed the job successfully. It was delivered to the general contractor ahead of schedule and on budget, and the City of Aurora was very happy with their properties new landscaping. It was a very high-quality end product.

  • The project won Engineering News-Record’s Nation Wide Best Government Project Award and is under consideration for both an Associated General Contractors and an Associated Builders and Contractor award as well.

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