Vela at Meridian Apartment Complex

Vela at Meridian Apartment Complex


Vela at Meridian Apartment Complex owned by Shea Properites.


10115 S Peoria Street, Parker, CO 80134

General Contractor:

Casson & Dunkin/Adolfson & Peterson


Spring 2015 – Summer 2016

Multi-Unit Landscaping Project

Scope of Project

Complete Landscape for twelve 15-unit buildings, garages, leasing office, club house, and swimming pool.

Project Challenges

The build was initiated by Casson & Dunkin who went bankrupt during the first phase of the project. Shea Properties (the owner) contracted Adolfson & Peterson to finish the job. The transition was challenging and demanded frequent communication between our team, Shea, and Adolfson & Peterson.

Commercial Landscape Scheduling

With the shift in general contractors, (GCs) the timelines of the build got shortened by six to eight weeks. Some of this was simply due to time lost during the transition, and the financial obligations to the lending institution. The lender had a timeline on the percentage of completion that the owner had to meet.

The owner needed to get units completed so they could begin to generate revenue. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to begin renting units until a certificate of occupancy (CO) was obtained which required that construction of the building be complete including the landscape before a Certificate of Occupation could be issued.

With the added scheduling pressures, Landtech had to deliver the same scope of work in less time and no change to the budget. Adding overtime hours wasn’t in the budget, so Landtech added extra teams and coordinated all the crews, equipment, and materials in the most efficient way available to control costs as much as possible.

Completing the job on time was extremely important to Shea Properties, scheduling was critical to Landtech as well. Delays on the project schedule would cause resource constraints on other projects and put a strain on long time relationships with other general contractors, so getting Vela done on time was vital.

Commercial Landscape Plan

Scheduling wasn’t the only challenge. Landtech installed all the plant material according to the bid and contract change documents (CCD’s). During the transition, it was discovered that changes to the landscape plans were not communicated between the two GCs. The architects walked the site and perform plant counts to determine which items were missing or needed to be replaced replaced. Landtech made the specified changes and completed the job on time.

The project was completed in several phases which included:

Phase I: Clubhouse, building 1, 2, & 7

Phase II: Buildings 3 – 6

Phase III Building 8, 9, 10

Phase IV: Buildings 11 & 12

By adhering to the phase scheduling, Landtech was able to procure resources, schedule crews, and tasks to fit the timeline. It’s a delicate balancing act getting all the pieces to fit together within the timeline, but having Thirty years of experience, skilled project management, and seasoned staff in the field made it easier to manage.

Other Project Issues

There were other challenges that had to be addressed during the Vela build. Gas lines were installed at a depth of six inches, and they had to be re-installed to four feet depth. Landtech had to schedule work to allow Excel to remedy the gas line problem. The completion of the work in this area was set back 5 weeks. Landtech was able to work other areas until the work was completed by Excel and maintain the project schedule.

The property also had two different types of water use—non-potable water and potable water which required two water systems. Landtech installed purple pipe for the non-potable water, the system designed for non-potable use of non-potable water to irrigate the entire property at some point in the future.

Landtech’s Results

Vela at Meridian was a very challenging job to complete, but even with all the unforeseen problems, Landtech delivered the job within specifications and on time. The bank’s expectations were met, and the property owners were able to get their CO and begin renting units.

Landtech is able to manage challenging builds because we have decades of experience, and dedicated staff behind us, and maintaining a quality product and customer satisfaction is our priority.