Your retail location relies on landscaping to draw passerby attention and interest. A good landscape design can entice and inform your audience in the same way that a photo can tell a story. Retail landscaping directs the viewer’s eye to the focal points you choose while subtly conveying what kind of experience they will have inside the buildings.

We have years of experience completing large retail installations from the construction to maintenance. Our relationships with developers such as Jodan Perlmutter and Weingarten attest to the level of professionalism you can expect from our retail landscaping team.

Timely Installs

We understand that building construction happens in phases, and we are very comfortable accommodating these project phases as you bring tenants into your retail location. We can add landscaping to pad sites and entry ways that make the property look open for business during construction.

Retail Site Amenities

Landtech is a start-to-finish solution for your retail landscaping. We can provide site amenities such as benches, trash cans, and planter pots that seamlessly mesh with the surrounding environment. We can also service these features after construction to ensure that the property maintains its original beauty and functionality.

Retail Traffic Flow

When automobile traffic passes your retail site, the landscaping has to subtly invite these passersby to turn into your retail shopping center. For foot traffic, colors, textures, heights, focal points are all tools we use to construct spaces that direct the flow of people through the retail property, making them want to explore more stores.

Retail Property Hard Scape Features

Using water features, pavers, boulders, and gazebos, we create milling and gathering areas for shoppers that make their retail experience more enjoyable. We can install kid-friendly structures that appeal to kids, moms, and dads to lengthen their stay and make your retail establishment a family-friendly destination.

Retail Construction Safety Measures

During construction, there are safety hazards you have to manage for the customers who are visiting the live retail stores. We are experts in planning and providing the fencing, erosion measures, and proper signage that protect your retail customers and help limit your exposure to liability.

Retail Mature-Scaping

Sometimes it’s better not to look brand new. We can provide larger, mature plants and trees to give your commercial retail area the appearance of a well-established business. You can have curb appeal that conveys longevity and credibility while also increasing the property’s value.

Parking Lot Snow Removal & Ice Control

Stay open for business more hours with efficient, dependable snow removal. We have a large fleet of trucks and a ground crew who are ready 24/7 to plow the snow from your retail parking lot and sidewalks.

Full-Service Retail Landscaping

From design to installation to maintenance, we are your landscaping solution. Call us today to discuss your retail property’s landscaping needs.