The exterior of your hotel or restaurant informs potential patrons of the kind of hospitality they can find inside. A hotel with ornate ironwork, lush landscaping, and a water feature in front can suggest lavish appointments inside. A restaurant with clean, unfussy landscaping can imply a menu with value and efficient service can be found within.

Curb Appeal

Getting your landscaping right is crucial to your establishments’ visual appeal and property value. And hiring the right landscape contractor is vital to that process. LandTech can improve your hotel or restaurant’s curb appeal, making your architect’s plan come to life.

Snow Removal and Ice Control

We have a fleet of trucks and a hardy crew of people ready to mobilize at the first hint of snow. Your snowy parking lots and walkways can be cleared quickly and efficiently, so your property remains easily accessible to your employees and patrons. By including snow plowing in your seasonal maintenance plans, you can ease frustration and time lost when the snow falls.

Landscaping for Traffic Flow

Good landscaping can advance the flow of foot traffic through your property. It can direct people’s attention where you want it and away from where you don’t. We can work with your owners, architects, building managers, and contractors to design, build, and maintain a landscape that will naturally move people through your property in a planned way.

Landscape Value Engineering

Come to us with a proposal or an idea for a landscape design and we will maximize its potential. We will make sure the design reaches your aesthetic and functional goals while using the budget as efficiently as possible. We can offer designs to bring your vision to life, or work with your designers to customize the plans to your specifications.

No Detail is Too Small

We will work with you on positioning each tree, shrub and plant to make sure that your vision is completely realized. And we’ll offer ideas to make the site more visually pleasing, more practical and cost effective.

Large Landscape Staff

Our landscape crew is sizable which makes it easy for us to schedule the work to stay in completion days. We coordinate our teams to accommodate successful, timely completions that adhere to your strict deadlines. And everyone on our team behaves in a way that will reflect well on your business. We pride ourselves on being courteous, professional and reliable.