There are a lot of construction change orders that happen when you’re developing multi-family housing units. Timelines change, vendors require individual adjustments, and any number of factors can disrupt your schedule. We make it easy on you and accommodate general contractors and help them with their changes promptly so they can keep the project flowing.

Landscaping for Multi-Family Housing

We have designed, built, and maintained apartment properties with as many as forty buildings and twenty to forty acres of land. Not only do we have the equipment to handle jobs of this scale, but we also have teams of skilled ground crews who are trained and ready to construct and maintain your multi-family housing landscaping.

New Construction Landscape Phasing

As the phases of construction are completed, we can work hand-in-hand with your construction crew to make these new spaces aesthetically pleasing. We can also deliver safety elements such as fencing, erosion measures, and proper signage to protect your residents and help limit your exposure to liability. You can trust that we have clean installations. We make sure the site is safe for the people who already live there and that the parking areas and walkways will be lit and clean at night.

Multi-Family Housing Outdoor Living Spaces

We are experts in creating outdoor living spaces that are inviting to residents and appealing to prospective residents. Modern renters now expect outdoor living spaces that are upscale, comfortable and inviting. We can create stunning open spaces for your apartment complex including smoking sections, playgrounds, picnic areas, dog runs, and urban gardens that promote interaction between residents. For the more sport-friendly apartment complexes, we can offer pools, hot tubs, bocce ball, volleyball, and horseshoe courts. Fire pits, barbeques, pavilions, gazebos and outdoor lounges are also very attractive lifestyle amenities we can provide that will increase the value of your property as well as your occupancy rate.

We work with dozens of large-scale apartment developers and have our hand on the pulse of the latest trends in landscaping and can advise you on which installations are effective and which are just fads that should be ignored.

Apartment Landscape Renovation

We can renovate older apartment complexes and bring new life to the property while also making it more water efficient. We can design and build modern outdoor living spaces to your older property to make it more appealing to today’s renter.

Multi-Family Housing Landscape Maintenance

There’s no need to worry that your design and installation will deteriorate and age. We can keep the property looking fresh with our commercial maintenance and snow removal services.

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