Landtech serves a wide variety of commercial properties. Whether your property is a hotel, restaurant, school, municipal facility, retail establishment, warehouse, office complex or healthcare facility, we can provide the landscaping services you need.

From construction through extended maintenance, we can service any commercial property. We often work with medium construction budgets between $100K and $500K, and also, accommodate large construction sites between $500K and $4 million. 

Large Bonding Capacity

We can insure and bond large amounts so that you have peace of mind during your construction process. But even better, Landtech has a 100% completion rate, which is one of the reasons our bond rate remains low. And of course, our low bond rate enables us to be very competitively priced on most large projects, so you can be confident when you work with Landtech.

Large Insurance Limits

Many other landscape companies can’t take on complex jobs because their insurance limits won’t allow for it. We have very large insurance limits that allow us to step into the multifaceted jobs that others can’t. .

Complex Projects

No matter how difficult the job is, we have the capacity to navigate any complexity it requires. We get tremendous satisfaction from knowing that we delivered exceptional products and services on these types of jobs. We have experience managing factors like streets and traffic, rooftop landscaping, and coordinating with other trades like architects, designers, and city planners.


We operate ethically and professionally. Our staff maintains all the safety and OSHA certifications required for any job. Controller certifications, certified landscape technicians, safety certifications, flagging and rigging certified equipment operators, pesticide certifications—you name it. If it’s a certification required in landscape construction or maintenance, our staff is up to date on it.

Exceptional Client Retention

We pride ourselves on delivering first-rate customer service. In fact, many of our customers have worked with us for more than 25 years. They stay with Landtech because they know we will work within their budgets, anticipate their needs, and deliver exceptional quality in both materials and services. They have discovered the peace of mind that comes with working with the same company for the maintenance of the property as well as the construction.

We have long-standing relationships with clients such as Saunders Construction, Adolfson & Peterson, Cherry Creek School Districts, Aurora School District, Shea Properties, The Westin DIA, Marriott Hotels, City of Denver, City of Aurora and Douglas County and many more.